Winner of the ArtDocFest Laurel Branch for best short documentary

Shahida Tulaganova visits Donetsk Airport -- rebuilt in 2012, but now a scene of utter devastation -- shortly after Russian-backed separatists have taken it over. Weaving together the voices of fighters on both sides, she tells an unvarnished story of war through the eyes of those who were there. Through raw footage and deeply personal interviews, commanders and soldiers trace the contours of the desperate fight for an airport whose capture seems more symbolic than strategic.

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  • 2015 National Laurel Branch Award: “Best Short Documentary TV Film,” Moscow
  • 2016 Official Nominee: BAFTA Cymru Carmarthen Bay Film Festival Llanelli, Wales
  • 2015 Official Selection: ARTDOCFESTRiga, St-Petersburg, Moscow
  • 2016 Official Selection: FLICKERFEST, Sydney
  • 2016 International Selection: INPUT conference Calgary
  • 2016 Official Selection: Roma CINEMADOC, Rome
  • 2016 Gdańsk DocFilm Festival, Poland

Simon Ostrovsky, Vice News

""This is the definitive story of the bloody and brutal battle for Donetsk airport, told by the men who fought for it. It's a microcosm of the war that anyone wanting to understand the tragedy of Ukraine should watch."

Vitaly Mansky, Organizer, ARTDOCFEST

"Despite its dramatic cruelty, Donetsk Airport is full of astonishing details that shock the viewer. These mortal enemies engaged in their deadly fight speak the same Russian language, even at the last moments of their lives."

Paul Jenkins, documentary film maker

"One of the closest accounts of 'modern' war I've seen in a long while."